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The history of the Club takes back all the way to memory lane of the year, 1906, as then a colonial club with its first President, a British named Mr. F.B. Cox. Unfortunately, after the 2nd World War, some of the records (that were available from the beginning) were destroyed and efforts have been made to restore the history but there were not many photographs to justify the facts. Initially, the Club operated from a shop-lot in the centre of Klang town, just off Rembau Street. Sadly, all the members during that period of time had now peacefully left this world. Efforts have been made to honour their contributions towards the success of Club’s development for without which the Club would not be what it is today. Since its establishment, the Club has been relocated many a times in order to upgrade the facilities and space that it has beenproviding to its members. The Club’s ambition finally became a reality when in 1997, the General Committee purchased a piece of land and permanent structure was then built to cater for uprising membership of the Club. Thus, a new Club house (as it stand today) was built that landed situated at Lot 3971,Jalan Goh Hock Huat, Off Jalan Kapar, Klang.


Today, under the Presidency of Mr. Goh Keng Cheng and his Committee members, Selangor Coast Club Klang is continuing the aspiration of its founders by improving the social and recreational facilities of a healthy living to its members and their families.

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